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Spotlight: Small Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans have been trending larger and larger, but they do not need long blades to move a lot of air! The key to an effective ceiling fan lies not only in a powerful motor, but in an appropriate diameter for the space. Indeed in some spaces, such as small decks, poorly ventilated closets, bathrooms, single car garages, and small bedrooms, a smaller fan can be better! In particular, small fans are a great choice when a larger fan would run the risk of hitting a kitchen cabinet or a porch light. Small ceiling fans range in size from just 18 inches in diameter up to 42 inches. And thankfully, you do not need to compromise style when selecting a small ceiling fan. Here’s a few of our favorites.

31 inch, 36 inch, and 42 inch Dixie Belle 

by Gulf Coast Fans

The Dixie Belle is a tried and true classic ceiling fan, with Gulf Coast Fans’ over four decades of experience backing it up. Its variety of blade sizes includes three which are perfect for small spaces: 31 inch, 38 inch, and 42 inch. Its simple design makes it ideal for when you want a fan to disappear into the background and just quietly do its job. Despite the small size, the Dixie Belle has a powerful motor and silently moves plenty of air in a small space. Truly the Dixie Belle’s hidden strength is in its flexibility, being light kit adaptable and offering many, many possible color combinations. The motor finishes are Antique Brass, Antique Bronze, Pure White, Oil Rubbed Bronze, and Satin Steel. For blades, the colors are too numerous to list!

Vox 26 and 38 by Modern Forms

Modern Forms’ speciality is energy efficient smart fans which can pair with devices such as an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, as well as the dedicated Modern Forms App. Their smallest offerings, the low profile Vox 26 and Vox 38, are no exception. These two tiny powerhouses boast ultra quiet DC motors and integrated LED lights. As the names suggest, the Vox 26 has a diameter of 26 inches and the Vox 38 has a diameter of 38 inches. Many flush-mounted ceiling fans move very little air, but the Vox is the exception to this, moving an impressive amount of air directly below. The LED lights on these fans provide a phenomenal amount of light, another specialty of Modern Forms. Such sleek and stylish fans are ideal for bathrooms and small spa areas, or in layouts where several of them are mounted in larger spaces. Both sizes are available in Bronze, Matte White, and Titanium Silver.

35 inch Bombay by Gulf Coast Fans

For a more tropical aesthetic, Gulf Coast Fans has the 35” Bombay, a damp-rated DC motor that can stand up to humidity, with leaf-shaped ABS plastic blades. The design evokes woven natural materials without compromising resilience to the elements. This island-inspired style is right at home on decks and patios, pool areas, or smaller rooms in Caribbean-inspired vacation homes. The Bombay is the smallest tropical ceiling fan we have ever encountered. The same motor can also fit 50 inch blades in case you need something larger! It’s even light kit adaptable! This model is available in Oil Rubbed Bronze, Antique Bronze, Brushed Nickel, and Pure White. For blades you can choose from Pure White, Tan, and Oil Rubbed Bronze.

42 inch Bombay by Gulf Coast Fans

The Bombay comes in three sizes, but what makes the 42 inch model unique is that it is actually wet-rated, meaning it can stand up to moisture even more than its damp-rated siblings. Sporting five ABS plastic blades that emulate the look of natural materials, this version of the Bombay has all the presence of a larger tropical ceiling fan while still being small enough for rooms and outdoor spaces where a standard-size ceiling fan would be too big. Like the 35 inch version, it is light kit adaptable. Available in motor colors Oil Rubbed Bronze, Pure White, and Antique Bronze. For blades, choose from Tan, Oil Rubbed Bronze, or Pure White.

18 inch Mustang by TroposAir

TroposAir is known for their massive Titans and Liberators, but let that not overshadow their unique, propeller-inspired 18 inch Mustang. The smallest fan on our list today, this little guy covers plenty of area with its oscillating motor and adjustable position. It is incredibly popular for work-spaces, porches, and grilling areas. Install one, two, or more, it’s up to you! The Mustang is suitable for indoors or outdoor areas where it may get damp (but not wet!). It comes in Brushed Aluminum, Pure White, and Rubbed Bronze.

Wynd 42 by Modern Forms

The Wynd 42 falls into what Modern Forms calls transitional style, visually interesting ceiling fans that sit at the nexus of traditional and modern design sensibilities. This enables it to fit in flawlessly with multiple styles of interior decor, from mid-century to contemporary. Like all fans from this company, it is bluetooth compatible and can connect with smart devices and Modern Forms’ app for ease of use. This 42 inch fan also features a brilliant, integrated LED light. When you need the Wynd’s unique style in a larger size, it is also available in 52 and 60 inch models. The available finishes are Bronze, Matte Black, Stainless Steel, and a unique Graphite with Weathered Gray blades.

26 inch and 42 inch Mini Breeze by Gulf Coast Fans

The smooth, round profile of the Mini Breeze stands out among a ceiling fan industry defined by sharp angles. This compact ceiling fan creates a concentrated dome of powerful airflow. The 26 inch model is great for adding circulation to closets or small kitchens where opening high cabinets into longer blades is a concern, while the 42 inch model is more suitable for spaces that have a little more room. For added versatility, both sizes of Mini Breeze are light kit adaptable and its blades are reversible! The Satin Steel finish comes with blades that are a matching Satin Steel on one side and Matte Black on the other, and the Pure White finish comes with its own matching Pure White on one side and a rustic Unbleached Oak finish on the other.

40 inch Voyage by TroposAir

To close out our exploration of small ceiling fans today, we cannot overlook TroposAir’s delightfully nautical Voyage. 40 inches across and sporting canvas blades evocative of sails and a damp-rated design, the Voyage is the ideal ceiling fan to add a unique marine flair to a covered outdoor space, such as a porch or patio. It is light kit adaptable so you may choose to add a compatible light fixture to it if you wish. If you want to match it with more standard sized ceiling fans, Gulf Coast Fans’ 52 inch Raindances and Dixie Belles with Canvas Blades are the larger answers to the Voyage’s style. Available in Rubbed Bronze with Khaki blades or Brushed Nickel with Blue blades. 

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