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The Most Unique Ceiling Fans

Oftentimes we want ceiling fans to simply fade into the background, for some interiors you may want a modern ceiling fan or an extra large ceiling fan, and if it’s a tropical space you may want a ceiling fan with natural material blades. But what about when you want a ceiling fan to be a centerpiece or a talking point? Something really out there and eye-catching? For everything from a retro-futuristic aesthetic to that unusual model that is just right for your specific needs, there are some truly unique ceiling fans available today. 

Uno by Gulf Coast Fans

What’s the minimum number of blades a ceiling fan needs? Turns out the answer is one! Gulf Coast Fans’ innovative Uno works by rotating a single balanced blade on a rounded conical motor. It has a 54 inch sweep and is controlled by remote control or inwall control, no pull chain to get in its way! The airflow is surprising for having only a single blade, and it is every bit as impressive left on low so that it can be easily admired. Available in Brushed Nickel.

Tristar by TroposAir

The opposite question to “how many blades does a ceiling fan need?” might be “how many motors can you put on a single fan?” and TroposAir has answered with a confident three! The Tristar might be the ceiling fan most evocative of retro sci-fi aesthetics. Even its optional LED light makes it look like a fan-powered UFO! Each motor sports three non-warp blades with an 18 inch blade sweep and it is damp-rated for indoor or outdoor use. Controlled by remote or in-wall control. Clean Brushed Nickel finish.

The Duet by TroposAir

Most oscillating fans stand on the ground and have a limited movement range of 90 or so degrees, but The Duet by TroposAir has no such limitations, being mounted on the ceiling and rotating its two motors 360 degrees around the light globe in the center. This unique fan is practical as well as visually interesting. It is damp-rated for use in covered outdoor spaces, but you can install it indoors as well! The light globe in the center accepts both halogen and LED bulbs. Available in Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Zephyr 52 by Modern Forms

With a superior LED light and luxurious blade design, the Zephyr 52 by Modern Forms provides both excellent decor possibilities and plenty of light. The beautiful silhouette of the artisan crafted blades complements the opal glass light fixture in the center, creating a stunning overall image. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and when you need a larger version, it is also available in 62 inches. Like all Modern Forms fans it is Bluetooth compatible and can pair with a variety of voice-activated smart devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, as well as with the Modern Forms App. Available in Matte Black, Matte White, Graphite with Weathered Wood Blades, and Matte Black with Distressed Koa Blades. 

Hawkeye by Quorum

With the flowing lines of its blades, pitched at 45 degrees, the Hawkeye by Quorum might be the proud owner of the most unique blade shape we’ve ever seen. The modern design of the 52 inch sweep blades juxtaposed with the rustic weathered pine finish of the wood creates a truly mesmerizing image. Whether you want something funky for your boho living room or something stylish to move air in your farmhouse style interior without feeling out of place, the Hawkeye’s all-at-once contemporary and rustic design can fill that niche. Available in motor finishes Noir and Satin Nickel. 

Metropolitan by Gulf Coast Fans

Double Ceiling Fans have been around for a little while, but few have the low profile, modern elegance of the Metropolitan. It can be installed with the included light or with a plate for a more streamlined look. Each motor has a 24 inch blade sweep and the entire fan is 57 inches across. The angle of the motors can be adjusted. Available in Satin Steel with reversible blades that are matte black on one side, satin steel on the other blades or Oil Rubbed Bronze with Distressed Walnut blades.

Turner by Quorum

Okay, we’ve got modern and futuristic unique ceiling fans covered, but what about something with a vintage flair? The Turner by Quorum is unique both in its two slightly curved blades and its intricate motor housing. The style of the Turner suggests elegant design sensibilities from decades past and its distressed white finish makes it perfect for victorian and old americana inspired interiors. 68 inch sweep. Available in Persian White with Weathered Pine blades or Oiled Bronze with Vintage Walnut blades.

Vortex by Modern Forms

Entirely sharp angles and bold structure, the Vortex by Modern Forms offers a luxurious finish and a one-of-a-kind geometric look. It is UL rated for wet environments, making it suitable for outdoor use, so it can help pull together a thoroughly modern interior or add a futuristic flair to a patio or covered pool deck. For added accessibility, this smart fan is designed to be compatible with smart devices such as Google Assistant and Samsung SmartThings, allowing them to be controlled with voice commands, as well as the Modern Forms App. Available in a glossy black, silver or white finish. 

18 inch Mustang by TroposAir

The smallest ceiling fan manufactured by TroposAir and unique in that instead of the standard hanging motor, the Mustang features a propellor shaped motor with an adjustable angle. As it is damp-rated, the Mustang is suitable for both indoor and covered outdoor areas. Install one two, as many as you’d like! Unlike many unique ceiling fans, the Mustang is versatile in its style, fitting in flawlessly with both modern interiors and traditional design styles. Available in Brushed Aluminum, Pure White, and Rubbed Bronze.

Windmill by Quorum

The ceiling fan industry has its fair share of fans that have more than 5 or 6 blades, but the Windmill by Quorum might be the only one with 10+ blades connected by two concentric metal rings. Available in sizes from a modest 44 inches (10 blades) up to a whopping 60 and 72 inch (both 15 blades). The Windmill can bring an exciting industrial twist to rustic interiors without feeling out of place. Available in Galvanized, Noir, or Oiled Bronze motor finishes, each with Weathered Oak blades. 

Mira 30” by Quorum

To close out our adventure into unique ceiling fans, we have Quorum’s 19th century style 30 inch caged ceiling fan, the Mira. It functions as both a ceiling fan and a chandelier with a refined yet industrial flair. The open cage is familiar for its use in standing oscillating fans, but the Mira makes it far more decorative. It is damp-rated for indoor or outdoor use. Available in Noir motor finish with Weathered Gray blades.

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