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Spotlight: Large Ceiling Fans

Previously, we covered small ceiling fans for small spaces, and now we need to cover the opposite: large ceiling fans for large spaces! Every fan has a space directly underneath it where no air moves, and the larger the fan, the larger that space is. So when choosing a large ceiling fan, you have to consider where that air will be going; will it bounce off the walls and circulate throughout the room? Or will it just go out the sides of your patio railing where no one can enjoy it? 

You also have to consider how it will look, a large ceiling fan may make a room feel claustrophobic in a smaller room or on a ceiling below 10 feet, but on a big, high ceiling it can be an exciting centerpiece, or even disappear into the background. With that in mind, let’s explore some large ceiling fans that are available today.

84 inch Titan with Extruded Aluminum Blades by TroposAir

TroposAir’s signature Titan, is the quintessential large industrial ceiling fan. With 6 extruded aluminum blades and an optional integrated light, this version of the Titan is sharp and modern. While the Titan makes the large ceiling fan ranks with its 84 inch and 72 inch blade sweeps, it can also pair with more modest blade lengths of 60 and 52 inch sweep. What makes the Titan with Extruded Aluminum blades truly unique is that we are capable of creating custom blade lengths available on special order, just contact us at Ceiling Fan Shoppe! It is damp-rated, meaning it can be mounted indoors or in covered outdoor areas. Available in Pure White, Brushed Nickel, or Oil Rubbed Bronze.

66 inch Titan with Contoured ABS Plastic Blades by TroposAir

The Titan by TroposAir can also pair with Contoured ABS Plastic blades, which are available in more colors than their Extruded Aluminum counterparts. The ABS plastic blades are available in all the motor colors of the Titan as well as a warm Cherry and a cool Stone finish. The Titan’s motor construction includes sealed bearings for no maintenance. Included in the box is a remote control for the fan, with a wall bracket, or, for additional flair, a decora- in wall control is available separately.

Liberator with Contoured ABS Plastic Blades by TroposAir

A behemoth of modern ceiling fans, the Liberator is a ceiling fan with 9 knife-shaped ABS plastic blades that are available in 72 and 84 inch diameters. Its imposing silhouette embodies an incredible airflow and a DC motor that is as powerful as it is energy efficient. It is damp-rated, so it can be used indoors or in covered outdoor areas, such as on patios and pavilions. The optional saucer ceiling fan allows it to be both a stunning source of airflow and light. It is available in Oil Rubbed Bronze, Brushed Nickel, or Pure White.

96 inch Liberator by TroposAir

Unlike the 72 and 82 inch Liberators, the 96 inch Liberator has extruded aluminum blades, and the largest sweep out of TroposAir’s ceiling fans. This is a fan that is as suitable for a warehouse as it is for a residential home with high ceilings. But the Liberator is not just for show, with its superbly powerful DC motor, the Liberator creates a mind-blowingly impressive amount of airflow. Like the ABS Plastic blade version, the 96 inch Liberator is damp rated for indoor or covered outdoor use.

Windflower 80 by Modern Forms

For an illuminating take on the large ceiling fan, there is Modern Forms’ Windflower 80. This twelve-blade ceiling fan is wet-rated which means it will be safe when hung in areas where it could get rained on, such as outdoor wedding pavilions and open decks. Modern Forms’ speciality is their luminaire light fixtures, and the Windflower comes with one integrated into the motor, with three light temperature options making it adaptable to multiple decor moods. It is Bluetooth compatible with smart devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, along with Modern Forms’ dedicated app. Available in Oil Rubbed Bronze with Dark Walnut blades, Matte Black with Distressed Koa blades, and Graphite with Weathered Gray blades.

Windflower 60 by Modern Forms

In case the 80 inch version is just a bit too big, Modern Forms also offers the Windflower 60. It features the same incredible light and beautiful contemporary blades, and is, of course, also a Smart Fan capable of pairing with a variety of bluetooth devices. Available in Oil Rubbed Bronze with Dark Walnut blades, Matte Black with Distressed Koa blades, and Graphite with Weathered Gray blades.

66 inch Fusion by TroposAir

The 66 inch Fusion by TroposAir is a magnificent ceiling fan, with 10 rectangular, double-sided blades; the finish is distressed walnut on one side, seashore on the other. A 66 inch sweep places it on the smaller end of the large ceiling fan spectrum, but that doesn’t mean it can’t make a statement in the right space! The cylindrical Oil Rubbed Bronze motor features and a matching LED light is available separately. The Fusion is damp-rated for indoor or covered outdoor use.

92 inch Mykonos by Quorum

Named for the Greek Island of the Winds, the 92 inch Mykonos by Quorum offers some of the largest canvas blades on the market, giving it a dramatic nautical appearance. While the Mykonos is available in a more standard 52 inch sweep, our focus today is on its larger versions: 60 inch, 72 inch, and of course the impressive 92 inch. All sizes of Mykonos are dry-listed, meaning they are only suitable indoors. It is available in Satin Nickel with Gray blades, Oiled Bronze with Khaki blades, or Black with White Blades.

72 inch Windmill by Quorum

While many large ceiling fans take a purely contemporary approach to design, the 72 inch Windmill by Quorum is more rustic, though certainly not traditional! With its 15 Weathered Oak blades and the decorative metal frame which supports them, the Windmill is an updated farmhouse style that is surprisingly suitable for a variety of aesthetics. The 72 inch version is incredibly impressive, but the Windmill is also available in a more standard 60 inch and 52 inch sweeps, and even a small 44 inch sweep. The Windmill also has both an indoor and damp-rated outdoor version. Available in Galvanized (silver), Oiled Bronze, and Black motor finishes. 

Wynd XL by Modern Forms

The final large ceiling fan we’ll be discussing today is one that has truly impressed us, the 72 inch Wynd XL by Modern Forms. The smaller versions of the Wynd are serviceable small and standard sized ceiling fans, but the Wynd XL is one of the most powerful 72 inch ceiling fans we have ever encountered. Its nine ABS plastic blades and aluminum motor are wet rated for indoor or outdoor use. It includes a dimmable LED Luminaire which can be controlled, as can the motor itself, with the Modern Forms app as well as multiple Bluetooth smart devices, such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa. It is available in Matte Black, Matte White, or Stainless Steel.


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