One of the most important things for hotels, besides maintaining quality customer service, is creating the right atmosphere for guests. This is especially true if your hotel or resort is in a popular vacation destination. One of the ways that you can create the perfect atmosphere for your guests is by installing commercial ceiling fans from Tropical Fan Company. We have a variety of styles to suit every need.
Tropical Paradise
Our tropical ceiling fans bring the local flora indoors. For locations at the beach, or island retreats, a palm leaf, bamboo, wicker, or rattan style ceiling fan is the perfect way to give your hotel a tropical feel. With several colors, sizes, and shapes to choose from, it’s easy to select the perfect fans for your décor.
Seaside Retreat
When you think of the coast, you imagine salty air, canvas sails on passing ships, and crisp color schemes of blues and greens. Our nautical ceiling fans, constructed with canvas fan blades in a variety of colors, are perfect for beachfront hotels and resorts.
Modern Luxury
In the heart of the city, you want a look that is edgy and modern to keep the pace with the bustling world around you. Our selection of modern ceiling fans are the perfect way to achieve this stylish look.
View our wide selection of ceiling fans and ceiling fan accessories at No matter what atmosphere you need to achieve, we have the perfect ceiling fan for you.