Handling Ceiling Fans

1. How to Carry a Ceiling Fan - by Chelsey

oh no! Wrong Chelsey knows that this is not the right way to carry a ceiling fan. The fan blades might hit something and bend the blade arms. Most probably the fan will wobble if she hangs it again. Sad...

good job! Right Chelsey knows that in order to take care of a fan she needs to take the blades and blade arms off of it . Now it’s easy to carry and transport.

2. How to Hang a Ceiling Fan - by Victor

what are you doing!? Wrong Victor want’s to save some time and hang the fan put all together. He is risking hitting the blades and bending the blade arms. Now the possibilities of a wobbling fan have increased.

awesome! Right Victor knew better. By hanging the fan this way it is not only safer up on the ladder, but also prevents any damage to the fan. He knows it might take a little more time, but the fan will be put up right.

In Summary

There is a right way and a wrong way to handle a fan. Moving it the right way will avoid damaging the fan or light kit. Note that the blades go on the fan AFTER it is hung and before it is taken down to avoid bending the blade arms. Follow these steps in order:
Hanging the fan:

Step one: Hang the fan.
Step two: Connect wiring.
Step three: Install the blades on the blade arms.
Step four: Install the blades and blade arms on fan.
Step five: Install light kit (if you have one).
Taking the fan down:

Step one: Remove light kit (if you have one).
Step two: Take off the blades and blade arms. (If you will be reinstalling the
blades, mark the position of each blade and blade arm so they go on in the same
Step three: Undo wiring.
Step four: Take fan down.

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