Custom Length Downrods


Downrods come in various lengths and one is probably very close to the right size. However, sometimes you may want an unusual size or maybe the length you want is just not available when you need it. As long as you can get a longer downrod you can probably cut it to the right size. If the downrod is not threaded or only threaded on one end you can easily cut it to the length you want. Just use a hacksaw to cut the unthreaded end and then drill a hole (usually 1/4") through that end for the downrod pin. Use a rasp file and sandpaper to smooth the edges if you want and voila you now have a custom downrod!

How To Cut A Ceiling Fan Downrod*

*downrods that are threated on one end only

This graph is a guide. If you don’t feel confortable doing the procedure illustrated, please contact your electrician or

what you need:
a)  measuring tape
b)  hacksaw
c)  pencil
d)  drill + 1/4 in. bit
e)  downrod (duh!)
f)  safety goggles
g) rat tail file

What you do:

1. Measure the downrod to the desire distance from the threaded end.

2. Mark where you want to cut. Be sure you have measured to include the threaded end in your finished downrod.

3. CAUTION! - Using all safety precautions, cut the downrod using the hacksaw ( a clamp is helpful )

4. Measure the distance to mark the hole on the downrod.

5. Make a mark for the pin hole at the same distance as the original downrod.

6. CAUTION! Hold the downrod to keep it stable. Drill the hole straight down.

7. CAUTION! Using the rat tail file, clean the cut and hole to remove burrs. This will insure that the wires going through the downrod do not get damaged.


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